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The Healing

Chakrasiddh healing techniques use a combination of Nadi Vaidyam and Marma Chikitsa to heal chronic health disorders without surgical or medical intervention. The two healing methods are based on simple principles.

Nadi's are channels of energy that allow the flow of pranic current through the entire body. According to the Siddha medical system, there are 72,000 such energy pathways that are accessible through the surface of the skin.

Marmani are powerful energy points, located at certain points in the body that have an abundance of nerves and blood vessels. The marmani help in cellular communication, diagnosing certain conditions, and have several therapeutic applications.

When the Chakrasiddh Healing Technique activates the marma or nadi by using gentle strokes and applying direct pressure, chronic patterns of tension and toxins accumulated in the body are released, stimulating blood and oxygen circulation and relaxing muscles. Treating the disturbed marma points and regenerating blocked nadi points restores the body to normalcy. Our clients sense immediate relief within three days and the therapy is typically completed within 1 - 3 weeks, depending on the seriousness of the ailment.

How We Do It


Examination is the first step of Siddha therapy. The client's medical reports and medical history are thoroughly examined and a case study is made. They are then counselled on their illness and taken through the steps of the healing process, addressing any doubts they may have.


Therapy begins immediately after the cause of the ailment and the remedial course is decided. Each session is usually half an hour to one hour, however, for more serious cases it can be an hour and a half too.

Physiotherapy and Yoga

Physiotherapy and Yoga are essential during the therapy period to improve flexibility, making it easier for the Siddha system of healing to access marma points.


Lifestyle is an important factor in healing, and all clients should lead a sattvic life during the course of the therapy. Clients must follow a vegetarian diet and abstain from consuming alcohol and smoking. Women must not attend therapy sessions during their menstrual cycle.


Precautions are a necessary part of the therapy to enable the healing technique to trace the client's energy points and pathways through their aura and effectively treat them. The client can go back to their regular lifestyle once the therapy is over.

Holistic Healing Without Side Effects

Siddha Healing is a time-tested system that holistically cures several chronic illnesses and degenerative conditions. The medications prescribed are natural and do not cause any complications or side effects.

Each therapy is made specifically for each client, keeping in mind their medical history and hence mistakes in diagnosis or therapies are minimal. Clients may experience a little soreness during and immediately after the therapy but that is completely normal as pain or tenderness is the body's way of conveying that there is some weakness or imbalance at the marma point.

Choose the Holistic Way

The results of Siddha healing are evident and vouched for by thousands of clients who have been cured when all conventional therapy methods have failed them. The Chakrasiddh Healing Technique goes above suggesting preventive measures and looks for the root cause of the illness, eliminating it completely. Chakrasiddh's holistic healing cures the body, mind and soul, helping our clients attain perfect balance in health.